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When And How To Buy A Metal Casket?

When And How To Buy A Metal Casket?

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Caskets are rectangular-shaped boxes specially designed to store and view a body during a funeral ceremony. There are many types of caskets like clear caskets, woolen caskets, eco caskets but people primarily prefer wooden caskets and metal caskets. Caskets are used for both burials and cremations, but only wooden caskets can be used in a cremation chamber as a cremation casket since metal is not explosive. However, metal caskets are an excellent option for burials.

Metal caskets are usually picked for their durability because people prefer strong caskets when they think about burying a loved one. There are several options, even within metal caskets. The right metal casket for you will depend on your requirements regarding the desired aesthetic, structure, and affordability. 

Metal caskets have a more modern appearance. Some prefer the rustic look of wood caskets, but on the other hand, a shiny casket made of metal can be decorated to create the look you seek. People often opt for metal caskets with gold plating on them for a more regal look.

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Types Of Metal Caskets

The most common materials used in metal caskets are steel, bronze, and copper. Steel is the most affordable option, but stainless steel is a little more expensive than standard steel because it is rust-resistant. Bronze and copper, which are also rust-resistant, are considered the highest quality metals you can use for a casket. Bronze is the most expensive because it is the most durable. In comparison, steel might be a better value for your money bet, depending on your particular requirements.

If you are looking for a strong casket, any type of metal casket will always be more durable than wood caskets. Even if a wood casket is coated in laminate, it is prone to eventual decay. This is not the case for metal caskets that are resistant to decay. Although this casket does not inhibit the body's natural decomposition in any way, people still prefer it for its durability. 

Prices of Metal Caskets

Unlike wooden caskets like pine box which costs below one thousand dollars a cost of a metal casket can range anywhere from a little less than one thousand dollars to tens of thousands. Just like any other casket, there are affordable and lavish options to choose from in metal caskets. The price will depend mainly on the material you choose.

The price of a steel casket depends on the thickness of the metal used, with 20 gauge being the most affordable alternative. As the number goes down, the thickness increases, so 20 gauge caskets are the thinnest while 16 gauge are the thickest. One of the reasons the thickness of the casket makes a difference is that a thicker casket offers more flexibility in terms of customizing the shell.

On the other hand, copper or bronze caskets are priced based on weight rather than thickness. For example, a 48-ounce bronze casket would be more expensive than its 32-ounce counterpart, even with the exact dimensions. Stainless steel, copper, and bronze caskets are all rust-resistant and more durable than standard carbon steel.

Another significant reason that people opt for metal caskets is if they wish for a gasketed casket. Also known as a protective casket or a sealer casket, this type of casket is typically sealed with a rubber gasket to prevent contamination. This feature is not available in wooden caskets. 

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How To Buy A Metal Casket

Online retailers of caskets such as Titan Casket can serve as an aid in your search for the perfect metal casket. With high-quality choices suiting different budgets that can be delivered swiftly, Titan Casket can provide assistance during this challenging time for you. You can browse caskets made of steel in several color and style combinations.

Arranging a funeral can be a very emotionally tricky endeavor. Titan Casket can lighten your load by making the process of picking and buying a metal casket online more straightforward for you. It is worth noting that any funeral home is legally obligated to use the casket you buy, even if purchased online.