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What Are See-Through Caskets?

What Are See-Through Caskets?

Key Insights

  • See-through caskets have a clear and transparent panel on their top, sides and lid.
  • They can be made from material such as plastic, acrylic or even metal.
  • It is an affordable option which allows the family of the deceased to view the body of their beloved.
  • You may purchase these caskets or rent them from funeral homes.

What Are See Through Caskets?

See-through caskets are caskets that have a clear panel on the top, sides, or lid, allowing for the deceased to be viewed during a funeral service. These caskets are typically used for cremation services— the clear panel will enable families and well-wishers to say goodbye to their loved ones before the cremation occurs. See-through caskets can also be used for traditional funerals and burials, but they are less common in those settings.  They are available in a variety of materials, including— wood, metal, and plastic. Some are designed to be used for a single funeral service, while others are designed for multiple uses and can be rented by funeral homes.

Kinds Of See Through Caskets

Why Opt For A See Through Casket?

Looking for reasons to buy a see-through casket? 

Here are some common reasons why people opt to purchase see-through caskets.

  • Families of the deceased may choose a see-through casket for a variety of reasons. Some may choose it as a way to have a final farewell and closure before the cremation process, as it allows them to view the deceased one last time. 
  • Additionally, some families may find a see-through casket to be a more affordable option than a traditional casket. 
  • Many people who prefer cremation may have chosen it as an environmentally friendly option, as well as a cost-effective one.
  • A see-through casket can also be an option for people who want to have a more unique or personal farewell service. 
  • Furthermore, some people may choose a see-through casket because they believe that the deceased should be viewed in death as they were in life. 
  • They may view it as a way to remember the person as they were and celebrate their life rather than focusing on death and mourning.

It may also be essential to understand that some people may choose a see-through casket simply because it is offered by the funeral home they are working with or because they are not aware of other options available to them.

How Much Do See Through Caskets Cost?

The cost of a clear casket can vary greatly depending on the material used and the manufacturer.

Acrylic caskets are often more affordable than glass caskets and can range in price from $1,000 to $2,500. Glass caskets, on the other hand, are typically more expensive, with prices ranging from $2,000 to $3,000. On Titan Casket you can find high quality transparent caskets, with luxurious finishing,  for $5999- $6,999.

When shopping for a clear casket, it's important to consider factors such as the thickness of the material, the quality of the craftsmanship, and the overall design of the casket. In addition to the material and manufacturer, the cost of a clear casket may also be influenced by additional features, such as custom engravings, interior lining, and hardware. It's also important to consider the transportation and installation costs, as clear caskets may require special handling to ensure their safety and integrity. Ultimately, the cost of a clear casket should not be the only factor considered when making funeral arrangements. Instead, it's important to choose a casket that is both affordable and respectful, and that meets the needs and wishes of both the deceased and the bereaved.

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Common Concerns People Have

  • Privacy concerns: Some people may feel uncomfortable with the idea of a see-through casket, as it can be seen as an invasion of privacy for the deceased. To resolve this issue, you may opt for a traditional casket or consider renting a traditional casket for the viewing and then switching to a see-through casket for cremation.
  • Cost: See-through caskets can be more expensive than traditional caskets. To counter this, you can opt for renting a see-through casket or consider buying a less expensive plastic or biodegradable see-through casket.
  • Limited availability: Some funeral homes may not offer see-through caskets as an option or may not have them in stock. A way to go around this issue may be by researching different funeral homes in their area and comparing prices and options.
  • Unconventional: Some people may find the idea of a see-through casket to be too unconventional or uncomfortable for their beliefs and values. To avoid this issue, you can opt for a traditional casket or consult with a funeral director or a grief counselor to help them navigate this decision.

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