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What Is A Space Burial?

What Is A Space Burial?

Key Insights

  • Space burials involve taking the ashes of a departed person on a space mission.
  • The ashes are then returned to the earth, since they cannot be scattered into space and create more debris.
  • If you organize a space burial for a loved one, you can only send across a small part of the ashes.
  • The rest of the ashes will have to be buried or scattered as per traditional funeral rituals.
  • You can make use of urns from Titan Casket’s website to hold the majority of your loved one’s ashes till the spaceflight is complete.

Crossing The Final Frontier, What Are Space Burials?

There are many types of burials we have in the world today, but none may be as extraordinary as space burial. This is a kind of burial ritual where the ashes of a departed person are launched into space. They are commonly sent into orbit around the earth for a brief period and then returned to the planet. Contrary to popular opinion, the ashes are not dispersed or scattered in space.

This practice is avoided because it would result in an increase in space debris — a term given to the space waste and detritus put out into space by manned space flights or rockets. Data shows us that there are over 200,000 particles of space debris measuring between 1 and 10 centimeters and over a million smaller particles measuring less than 1 centimeter. These small particles could damage the rockets and satellites in space. 

So, the long and short of it is that ashes are not scattered in space in a space burial, which is also known as a memorial spaceflight. 

How Do Space Burials Work?

Currently, only private companies offer the option to conduct this type of burial. To have this burial type organized for a loved one, here is what you will need to do. 

What Do Space Burials Cost?

Like most things related to funerals, you can find space burials priced across different budgets. Typically, the cost can range from around $2,500 to $12,500. The cost varies depending on the nature of the burial experience offered. For instance, merely launching the ashes into space and then having them returned to the earth may be on the more affordable end of the price spectrum. Launching the ashes into the earth’s orbit may be costlier, as will launching the ashes into the lunar orbit. The upper end of the experience involves launching the ashes into deep space.

How To Decide Between Burial And Cremation
Cremation is a method of disposing of the body of a deceased person and when a deceased person’s body is placed in a grave in the ground, it is known as a burial.

What Happens After Planning A Space Burial For A Loved One?

A space burial is more of an experience and less of a permanent place to put the departed to rest. After the ashes are returned, you can conduct a traditional funeral ceremony and bury the ashes or have them scattered as per your loved one’s wishes. For this, you will find that the urns available on Titan Casket’s website are ideal to hold the ashes of the person who has passed on.

Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Casket Pre-Planning Made Easy

Pre-purchasing a casket secures a fixed price for you and your family, guarding against inflation. Unlike many funeral home pre-planning packages, there are no additional charges that will arise when the casket is required.