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How Orders are Fulfilled

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We at Titan Casket understand purchasing a casket in general, let alone online, can be an overwhelming process. This is why we are constantly striving to create the simplest, most stress-free experience for our customers. Part of creating this experience is being as clear and transparent about the process of buying a casket or coffin from us. Here is a breakdown of everything that happens from when you enter Titan Casket website, to delivery of your casket.

Simply put, the steps of this process are:

  1. Find a casket
  2. Order a casket
  3. The casket is built
  4. The casket is packaged
  5. The casket is picked up from our facility
  6. The casket is shipped
  7. The casket is delivered

Below you will find a more detailed description of each step:

1. Find a casket – Finding the perfect casket is an important aspect of saying goodbye and we at Titan Casket strongly believe your loved one deserves the best. In order to purchase the perfect casket, you must find it first. Finding a casket online from an online retailer, such as Titan Casket, is typically a very great experience. If you have questions or concerns about buying a casket online, click here or contact us using the chat or call/text us at 501-420-3990. Otherwise, you are ready to start choosing a casket.

Choosing the right casket should be a stress-free experience. If you need some additional assistance in choosing the right casket, Titan Casket offers a guide which breakdown different types of caskets and the materials used to make them. For more information, click here. If you already know the type of casket you are looking for, explore Titan's product collection to find the right casket. To start, click here. If you can’t find what you are looking for, Titan Casket can custom build a casket or help you find the perfect one somewhere else. For more information on custom caskets, please contact us or click here. By default, Titan Casket manufactures caskets half couch, however, a full couch casket can be built special for your loved one. For more information regarding full couch caskets, please contact us or click here.

2. Order a casket – Once the perfect casket has been found, place your order as soon as possible. The reason we recommend you order as soon as possible is to further simplify the funeral process – this way there is a nice buffer between the purchase and the delivery. Once the order is placed, Titan Casket will contact the funeral home, or other destination of your choice, to confirm the delivery address and provide notice of the expected delivery date. We will then begin to establish a shipment plan with one of our trusted shipping partners to make sure you receive your order in a timely manner. Finally, we will establish a designated spot on the production line so that your order can be built and packaged to be shipped the next business day.

In the event that you haven’t yet secured a final shipping address, please don’t hesitate to place your order. Titan Casket will still start to get the process of building the order underway. Please make sure to update us with the funeral home or other shipping address as soon as it is secured so we can begin the process of shipping and delivery. Also, if you are pre-planning, you may wish to consider having the order delivered to a residence, business, or storage facility for safekeeping. You can then transfer it to the funeral location at your own discretion at the time of need.

3. The casket is built – Each casket and coffin sold by Titan Casket is built by experienced artisans using the finest materials and techniques. Each casket takes hours or more to create and is truly a labor of love. Once the casket is assembled and painted or stained, the remaining hardware, handlebars, and bedding are added, as well as any requested customizations, such as an embroidered head panel, special hardware, or rubber gasket. After the finishing touches are added, the casket is given one last inspection to ensure the order is of the utmost quality, and after that the manufacturing process is concluded.

4. The casket is packaged – Once the order has been built, the order is packaged and prepared for delivery. When being packaged, the casket is heavily padded and then placed in a specially sized box. From there, plywood is affixed to the sides of the box, followed by the application of plastic straps and shrink wrap. Finally, the package is marked as “Fragile” on all sides to help instruct handling and finally, it fitted on a plastic pallet.

5. The casket is picked up from our facility – Once the casket is completely packaged and ready to be shipped, it is then picked up from our facility by one of our trusted commercial shipping partners to start the shipping and delivery stages of this process. The driver and our warehouse staff take great care to load the casket carefully and safely onto the truck, making sure to do our part in doing everything in our power to greatly reduce the risk of damage.

After stage 5, orders are separated by those with standard shipping and those with expedited shipping. Be sure to understand the differences and be able to distinguish the two methods as to know exactly what to expect when choosing how you would like your order to be shipped.

6. The casket is shipped – Orders with standard shipping orders travel via an LTL (less-than-truckload) service. When using an LTL, the casket is shipped alongside other small freight that does not require the use of a full trailer. This means that the cargo being shipped moves much more efficiently and delicately from the origin to its destination, making stops only at predetermined shipping checkpoints along the way.

Orders with expedited shipping orders, on the other hand, are shipped in smaller vans and are the only freight on board. After the order is loaded, the driver travels straight from our facility to the destination of delivery and does not pick up or drop off any other items or stop at any checkpoints along the way.

7. The casket is delivered – Once orders with standard shipping items reach their final checkpoint (often referred to as the “delivery terminal”), they are loaded onto a delivery truck with other freight and are sent out on a route to be delivered to the given shipping address. It should be noted that the delivery route is not set until the morning of the actual delivery, as the dispatchers won’t have all the cargo and their respective shipping address information until the delivery truck is ready to be loaded. However, Titan Casket can, and usually will, track the shipment and request updates from the terminal to keep customers and those at the delivery destination updated at any time.

Orders with expedited shipping do not use the same dispatch service as those with standard. Even though the process is different, Titan Casket is able to track and contact the driver delivering the order at any point along their route and will give frequent updates to customers and/or those at the delivery destination.

No matter the type of shipping, once the driver arrives at the given shipping address, the order is removed from the truck and signed for by the recipient – please note that the recipient signing for the delivery can be anyone present during the delivery, and is not limited to the person who placed the order. As soon as Titan Casket is notified of the delivery, we will then reach out to you to inform you, and confirm with you, that your order has arrived and will continue to be within reach for anything you may need, as long as you find it necessary.

We truly hope this breakdown could help simplify the casket buying process and clarify what happens after placing an order. For any additional questions or needed information, please be sure to check out our FAQ page. Also, please feel free to use the chat below, call or text us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 501-420-3990.

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