Customize a Headstone


    Size (W x H x D)
    24" x 16" x 10" 30" x 16" x 10" 36" x 16" x 10" 42" x 16" x 10" 48" x 16" x 10"
    A Fully Customizable Slant
    (Note: Price varies by customization. Base price does not include inscription, artwork, etc. Contact us for a design consultation)
    Single and Companion Options Available
    All slant markers come with a base that are 12" wider and 6" deeper than the slant marker, and are 6" in height from the ground to the top of the base. If you don't want a base or you want a different size base than described, please contact us.

    Granite slants are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Contact us to request a design consultation.

    Slants are customizable in the following ways:

    * Size

    * Granite Color

    Marker Style (e.g. all polished granite marker, granite marker with the inscription in an unpolished granite "panel" surrounded by polished granite border)

    * Inscription & Artwork

    * Font types

    Shipping and Installation
    Varies depending on location and cemetery. We will walk through you through all costs and the process during our initial consultation.
    Note on Cemeteries
    Cemeteries are required by law to accept headstones purchased online, and they may not charge you more to have one installed. However, you still must comply with any cemetery regulations (e.g. size, material). Katzman will contact your cemetery to confirm guidelines and cemetery related fees (should they apply).

    About Katzman Monument Company

    Katzman Monument Company, LLC ("Katzman") is a family-based monument and marker company dating back to 1935. Our reputation and the good name of Katzman are of the utmost importance to our family. Likewise, Katzman recognizes that preserving the memory of your loved one is equally important to you. Accordingly, Katzman has a long and rich history of providing top quality memorial products by using only the finest granite and other stone products from the United States and abroad.

    Katzman operates virtually and is not harnessed by costs associated with a physical storefront. Thus, unlike many monument dealers, such costs are not passed down to you. Rather, Katzman offers superior memorial products at reasonable prices. The hallmark of Katzman is the unmatched interactive features offered to you. You will truly have the ability to design your memorial by following Katzman's simple step-by-step order form any time of the day; no appointment needed. And remember, we are always here to help if needed.

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