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Different Types Of Coffins

Different Types Of Coffins

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What Is A Coffin?

A coffin is a container that holds the body of your loved one after they have passed away. It is a funerary box that carries the body and transports it to the burial or cremation ground. There is a high demand for coffins as they serve the purpose, be it religious or sentimental, of keeping your loved ones secure and safe.
There are a plethora of options available for you to pick from but finding the right coffin becomes of utmost importance while planning a funeral. The type, material, cost, and size need to fit the needs of the deceased.
Before we get into the types of coffins, let’s look at the difference between coffin and casket.

Difference Between Coffins And Caskets

There is a very basic difference between coffins and caskets. Coffins have 6 sides and caskets have 4 sides. Another key difference would be that caskets are heavier than coffins. That’s mostly because you'll find caskets made of heavier materials like metal and wood. Coffins can be made of wood as well but they are made of materials like veneer, cardboard, bamboo, etc. This also makes it more affordable in many cases.
If you’re looking to buy a dignified and sturdy coffin for your loved one, you should have a look at the types of coffins available for you to pick from.
Coffins are wider than caskets. They do tend to taper towards the end but are super spacious and accommodating.
If you’re looking for the right kind of carrier to take to the cremation ground, a coffin makes for a solid choice. When you’re looking to cremate the body along with the container, you tend not to buy something on the higher end. A coffin is an economical and trustworthy choice to make.

Types Of Coffins

  1. Traditional Coffin - Traditional coffins are usually made of materials like wood or cardboard. These coffins come with a flat top with taperings at the end. Coffins can come with lids or without. You can make that call of whether you need a lid or not based on your purpose for the coffin. You can also personalize your traditional coffins to have a wreath on the side. 
  2.  Cardboard Coffin  - If you’re looking to buy a coffin that’s light and affordable, cardboard coffins could make for the perfect choice. These are also eco-friendly and can help you organize an environmentally-safe funeral for your loved one. Another benefit of buying a cardboard coffin would be that you can find them in almost all colors and sizes. You can also personalize the coffin by writing messages to your loved one. 
  3. Bamboo Coffin - Another environmentally-friendly coffin would be a bamboo coffin. You can hold a respectful and green funeral by buying a bamboo coffin for your loved one. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable. Usually, most bamboo coffins don’t use any nails or staples to hold the coffin together; making them the perfect eco-friendly coffin.
  4. Wicker Coffin - Wicker coffins, also known as willow coffins, are beautifully woven coffins that are in demand today. They are highly affordable and durable. You can find eco-friendly wicker coffins. If you’re looking for a unique-looking coffin and don’t want to go the traditional route, this coffin would make for a spectacular choice. 

Buying A Coffin That Suits Your Needs

Picking a coffin can be a hard process, especially at a time like this. If you’re planning a funeral last minute, finding the right coffin can be stressful. It’s recommended that you surf the internet and compare the different kinds of coffins available in the market. Before you make your choice, do remember that coffins, although durable, are delicate. You can find a pallbearer to help you transport the coffin carefully and respectfully.
If you’re unsure of your choice, you could also go over the kinds of caskets available. Go through Titan Casket’s website to find all the options that are available for you. Do remember to take help from your friends and family and reach out to mental health professionals if in case the process seems overwhelming.
If you’re looking to personalize your funeral service, you can always have a memorial at the service. Memorials are deeply personal and are a kind and respectful way of remembering your loved one. There are memorial sites where you can store the memories of your loved one online.