Your Guide to Funeral Planning | 12.31.2022

Guide To Renting An Expensive Casket

Guide To Renting An Expensive Casket

Reviewed By: Joshua Siegel

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What Is A Rental Casket?

Losing a loved one is one of the most complex challenges you can face in life. While you might spend years preparing yourself for the loss, there is no way to understand the sheer magnitude of grief that overcomes you. It can be challenging to go about your daily life and feel productive in your work. In such a time of difficulty, no one wants to be burdened with countless logistical issues. You want to give your loved one the honor they deserve while ensuring your well-being and health. Arranging a funeral can be a complicated process, especially if the deceased left no instructions for the ceremony. Planning the entire service can be taxing, time-heavy and costly, and certainly draining, given the scale of the responsibility. In such a situation, you would want to make the best choices for your family and friends, bolstering everyone’s spirits and avoiding stress. Choosing to rent a casket is the perfect way of avoiding purchasing an expensive casket and offsetting the high casket cost. A rental casket is an ordinary casket with a wooden or cardboard container like pine box with body placed inside it. It can be used for a ceremony or viewing service and then removed from the casket for cremation and burial. There is often an additional cost to purchase this inner container, but it usually costs below a hundred dollars.

Why Rent A Casket?

Renting an expensive casket is a surefire way of saving money, but it has many additional benefits. Firstly, it costs a fraction of the cost of purchasing a casket, often thousands of dollars less. Since the casket is returned to the funeral home or company after use, you only pay for one-time use. You get the look and feel of a stunning casket without paying an exorbitant amount. The cost of the wooden container is usually included in the overall casket cost. Secondly, it is an entirely sanitary and hygienic process. Using the inner container ensures that the body doesn’t touch the outer casket and can be responsibly reused. This is done to ensure that the casket is clean and can be used again, ensuring there is no contamination. Thirdly, this is an incredibly sustainable choice and promotes the circularity of goods. Rather than creating a demand for more caskets that deplete natural resources, you can choose to reuse instead of adding waste to the world. It also prevents the breakdown of non-biodegradables after burial, and instead uses only the wooden container for burial. If you don’t want to purchase a biodegradable casket but want to be environmentally friendly, renting an expensive casket is for you.

Where You Can Rent A Casket

You can rent a casket from your local funeral parlor and choose from their range of casket options. Funeral parlor prices tend to be high to meet their overhead costs, and the nature of their in-person setting means there is a limited range of options. Buying a casket online allows you to choose from a much more comprehensive range of caskets while having cheaper options. The online nature of these companies will enable them to offer many types of caskets so that you’re spoilt for choice while also bringing down the total cost of maintaining stock. Titan Casket is an excellent option for online buying, as we offer prompt delivery to your home or funeral parlor and have many cost-effective caskets you can decide between. They also provide biodegradable caskets if you’re looking for a green choice.

Having A Sustainable Service

Many people have begun to realize the importance of having a sustainable funeral or service. With landfills overflowing with obscene quantities of waste and demand only increasing, it is crucial to make sustainable choices to protect the earth. Funerals are, of course, a necessity and deserve to be held with proper honor and respect. However, this does not mean they cannot be environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. There are a few ways in which you can have a sustainable service. Naturally, choosing to rent a casket is one of them. If you’re not keen to rent, you can also consider buying biodegradable caskets made from recycled materials or natural materials such as bamboo. They have excellent structural integrity and are incredibly durable and unique. Another way to host a sustainable service is to use recycled paper for any materials, such as programs or photographs. You can ensure that the flowers you purchase are composted and used for soil fertility.