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Here Are Some Differences Between Sealed And Unsealed Caskets

Here Are Some  Differences Between Sealed And Unsealed Caskets

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    Fundamentals Of Using A Casket/ How Do Caskets Work?

    Caskets hold the body of the deceased during the time of a burial or cremation. It is a lesser-known fact that caskets don’t protect the body forever but they are a solution to burying or cremating the body respectfully.
    They come with lids, known as the couch, and can be a full couch or a half couch. There are interiors that you can select along with the material, type, size, and theme of the casket. Based on the choices you make, the price can increase or decrease.
    If you’re someone who isn’t sure about the difference between sealed and unsealed caskets, you have come to the right place.

    Sealed Caskets And How Do They Work?

    Sealed caskets are air-tight containers with a protective lid.
    You should know that sealed caskets don’t usually perform the function of protecting the body  from decomposing inside it. Of course, there is protection but it’s not a lifelong kind of container. It’s quite the opposite. Sealed caskets are meant to increase the speed at which the body decomposes.
    Sealed caskets are not prefered in cases where you’re looking to keep the casket in a mausoleum. Usually, crypts or mausoleums break the seal to avoid faster decomposition.
    They can go by the names of ‘gaskets’ ‘sealer caskets’ or ‘protective caskets.’ These names are officially approved by the Federal Trade Commission, so if you’re looking to buy one, keep these names in mind. Sealed caskets also protect the interiors of the casket and so, picking a comfortable and respectful interior for your loved one becomes all the more easier with a sealed casket.

    Unsealed Caskets And How Do They Work?

    Unsealed caskets lack an air-tight seal system between the lid and casket body. Unsealed caskets may seem like they are prone to more damage but this will really boil down to the kind of material you pick. Unsealed caskets do have sturdy lids that stay closed and don’t break open. The unsealed casket is perfect for slower decomposition.
    Unsealed caskets have the advantage of letting gasses escape and so the casket won’t swell up or expand that easily.
    If you’re looking to store the casket in a crypt or mausoleum, they will most likely prefer to have you give them an unsealed casket. Unsealed caskets, keeping their use in mind, are made of eco-friendly materials to aid the decomposition process.
    There’s a common misconception that unsealed caskets let bodily fluids escape and can be harmful to public health but according to studies done by WHO, that’s not true.

    Difference Between Sealed And Unsealed Caskets

    1. Cost
    Being economical is a concern for many people while purchasing a casket. A sealed casket (due to its features) will usually cost you more. Unsealed caskets on the other end save you money. To make your decision, you should consider what the transport is going to be like, and the place you’re going to bury/cremate the deceased. If you’re looking to fly the casket out, a sealed casket would be the right choice. If you’re looking to give the casket to a mausoleum or crypt–  an unsealed casket is preferred.
    2. Effects on the  Environment
    If you’re looking for eco-friendly caskets, unsealed caskets are usually made of wood or bamboo and are sustainable for the environment. Sealed caskets on the other end, use materials that can hold the structure of the seal well and aren’t made of sustainable materials.
    3. Decomposition
    As mentioned earlier, sealed caskets increase the decomposition rate of the body whereas unsealed caskets slow it down. Sealed caskets are also leak-resistant when compared to unsealed caskets.

    Finding The Right Casket

    After making a list of your preferences, picking between an unsealed or a sealed casket will become easier. To make this process easier, you can always look for caskets online and compare prices, types, materials, colors, and interiors. Titan Casket could be the online retailer that can provide you with both of these options. Do look into the Funeral Rule to check whether to meet the  funeral home’s criteria before you buy the casket. We hope to make this journey