Your Guide to Funeral Planning | 12.19.2022

How Long Does It Take To Plan A Funeral?

How Long Does It Take To Plan A Funeral?

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How Long Does It Take To Plan A Funeral?

It usually takes about a week to two weeks to arrange a funeral on short notice. However, some funerals can take up to three weeks to arrange. This involves getting paperwork done, gathering one’s loved ones together in a single place, and planning what the service will look like, among other things. There are many things to account for when funeral planning, all of which determine how long the entire process can take. This works as a sort of funeral item list that includes:

  • Choosing whether or not to have a cremation or a burial service
  • Arranging for items such as a casket or burial vault for a burial or a cremation urn for a cremation. 
  • Deciding where you would like to hold the funeral service and (if you opt for a burial) how far it will be from the burial site.
  • Arranging a wake.
  • Determining the list of attendees and sending out invites.
  • Planning for any poetry readings, hymns, catering, and rites that will be part of the funeral service.

If your deceased loved one had a funeral plan in place, they might have already logged some of their preferences with their funeral plan provider. You can reach out to the provider to set your loved one’s funeral plan into action. In this situation, it might be possible for one to arrange a funeral within a matter of days. However, ensure that you give friends and relatives who plan on attending enough time’s notice before deciding the date of your funeral service.  

Alternatively, some people choose to leave their funeral wishes in their will. This usually serves as a starting point when one is considering all of their funeral planning options. However, it usually takes a few days to access the will to determine what your loved one’s funeral wishes are, thereby adding more time to the planning process. 

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Does It Take Longer To Plan A Burial Over Cremation?

Not necessarily. Before a burial ceremony takes place, it is common for families of the deceased to hold a funeral or attend a visitation, gathering, or memorial. Traditional cremation is not a substitute for these services, but these services usually occur before or after the cremation occurs, and may not have the cremated remains present. Some families prefer to keep their funeral services before a cremation ceremony so that their loved ones can be physically available for it. 

Alternatively, funeral homes might also offer a casket rental service which can also be included in one’s funeral plan. Ensure you check with your funeral director about the specifics of this. In the scenario where one chooses to plan a funeral service after your loved one’s remains are cremated, it is up to you to determine when and how the memorial services take place. These services can occur as soon as a week after the loss, and they can last up to six months or even a year after the passage of your loved ones.

Hence, it is fair to say that planning a memorial after a cremation ceremony affords one more flexibility. One can take their time to find a date when all family members and friends get to attend the ceremony. For any close relatives or friends of the deceased that live out of state, this option is beneficial. 

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What Factors To Consider When Planning A Funeral Service?

Here are some essential things to consider when determining how to plan a funeral:

  • Whether your loved one has pre-planned their services

    Your loved one may already have pre-arranged the details of their final wishes before they passed. This may be accessible through a funeral planning service they used or stated in their will. This makes the funeral planning process streamlined for you, as all you likely have to do is pick a date.
  • Where attendees are coming from

    If you plan on having attendees from out of state, account for the time it will take for them to reach when you plan a funeral. 
  • Where and how your loved one has passed away

    This can complicate the planning process a little bit. For instance, your loved one may have passed away in a location different from where they planned their funeral. They also may have passed away due to complicated circumstances that might necessitate choosing one type of service over another. 

Ultimately, planning a funeral is always better sooner than later. Titan Casket makes the process of acquiring high-quality caskets for the funeral home of your choosing easier through our funeral planning options.