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A Guide To Pet Funeral Expenses

A Guide To Pet Funeral Expenses

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The final cost of a pet funeral will depend on how elaborate of a ceremony you intend to have and what services you would like to include within the event. When it comes to grieving the loss of your pet, there is no right or wrong way to go about things. While some people may choose to perform a simple pet burial without any other arrangements, many people choose to give their pets a funeral akin to what they would give their human loved ones. 

Cost Of Pet Burial

Many people opt to bury their pets in their backyard since they don’t have to pay for the space and in most cases this is completely legal provided some conditions are met. In certain states you might be required to use a biodegradable coffin and there might be a requirement as to how deep the pet needs to be buried, usually between 3 and 5 feet. On the other hand a plot in a pet cemetery could cost anywhere between $500 and a couple of thousand dollars. 

Cost Of Pet Cremation

Pet cremation is gaining popularity among people who have lost their pets due to its affordability as well as the ability to keep the cremated remains with you. A pet cremation could cost as little as $30 for the smallest of animals, or it could cost more than $250 if the animal is large. 

Cost Of Pet Casket

The most common types of pet caskets are those made of metal, wood, or cardboard. While wood and cardboard coffins are more environmentally sustainable choices, a lot of pet owners find comfort in the durability and elegance of a metal pet casket

Cost Of A Pet Urn

A pet urn is structurally much like a human urn and is available in similar makes. Some people opt for customized urns containing either specific designs such as paw prints or pictures of their pets, while others prefer a traditional storage urn without a lot of embellishment. There is also the matter of if you want a permanent storage urn or a temporary urn before you scatter the ashes of your pet. Depending on where your preference falls on this spectrum, a pet urn could cost you anywhere between $59 and clost to $300.

Cost Of Other Pet Funeral Services

Lastly, some people also opt for pet funeral readings, either by friends and family or by a religious official. So the total pet funeral services cost will depend on whether you opt for a burial or cremation, what kind of casket or urn you pick, and whether or not you choose to have additional services such as religious or other readings. If you choose to opt for memorialization of your pet’s remains through cremation jewelry or other pet keepsakes, then you should take those expenses into account as well. You can arrange pet funeral services at a low cost if you are on a budget by cutting down on the various costs mentioned above.

Where To Buy Pet Casket Or Urn

You can buy a premium quality steel pet casket from Titan Casket starting at $1,099. We offer this model in more than 20 color options and in four sizes, so you can pick the best casket possible for your beloved pet. The crepe interior, high-gloss finish, and crepe interior will help you give your pet a farewell befitting a family member. You can also browse urn options ranging from affordable biodegradable scattering urns to luxury designer urns, available in metal and wood.