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How To Negotiate A Pre-Planning Funeral?

How To Negotiate A Pre-Planning Funeral?

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Funeral Pre Planning And Negotiations

Funeral pre-planning is a way to freeze out your funeral payments and arrangements in advance, therefore, preventing higher costs and planning after death. You may be wondering whether pre-planning also accommodates  discounts and negotiations. Contrary to what many people believe, the answer is yes. Funeral directors, most often than not, are ready to offer lower prices to customers that need it. The pricing for services and goods from a funeral home may be negotiated lower by several hundred or even thousands of dollars in some instances if they are requested appropriately. If you wish to read more about the benefits of pre-planning funerals in terms of their scope of negotiating, do read ahead. 

Ways To Negotiate

While negotiating with the funeral director at a funeral home, you must not come in looking to buy the most expensive casket or urn at a lower price. In most cases, directors offer deals and discounts when the customer is not financially well enough to purchase a basic or good-enough model. In some cases, directors have even charged customers no money if they felt touched and wanted to help them during a difficult time. Sometimes, they may even ask to see a statement or a document proving that you cannot make the payment. When approaching a funeral home, ensure you do not make demands while negotiating. Try and explain your circumstances to them. The degree of help may vary, but in almost all cases, they may offer you some help— in the pricing, in the package or even with advice. There are also certain pricing options you can avail of, depending on the funeral home. Read ahead to learn more about these. 

Regulations To Make Yourself Aware of

The federal government has not done much to regulate costs in the funeral industry. About thirty-eight years ago, the Federal Trade Commission made some intervention— attempting to regulate how funeral homes reveal their prices. A Funeral Rule set out by the commission lists certain rights of customers. These may be useful to keep in mind while making any negotiations. 

First, all customers can access price quotations on the phone.  Second, customers also have the right to an enumerated price list. The document may be printed. Third, Funeral homes are not permitted to put out only packages. Customers have the right to choose on a piece-by-piece basis. You need not have to agree to the entire package and may select certain items you wish to purchase. By doing this, you can easily negotiate with the funeral director on the best way to save money and avoid unnecessarily selecting items you may not want or need. 

Payment Options Out There

During negotiations, you must be aware of certain payment options and opportunities. First, you must ensure that you have canvased all the funeral home options, reducing your selection between two to three homes with reasonably priced prepaid plans. These plans may be priced between $10,000 and $25,000. When negotiating with the funeral director, ensure you know the consequences of certain plans. For instance, if they offer you a non-guaranteed plan at a lower cost, you must also be wary that this may amount to paying further costs later on if prices go up. If the home dissolves, your plan is too. Most funeral homes expect you to pay upfront in cash; however, with a pre-funeral plan, the home may allow you to pay in installments. These payments can vary anywhere between three-year to ten-year intervals. 

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