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How To Select The Perfect Pet Burial Box?

How To Select The Perfect Pet Burial Box?

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What Are Pet Burial Boxes?

A pet funeral box, be it a dog burial box or a cat burial box, is a small container designed for the (cremated) remains or body of a deceased pet. These boxes can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, or ceramic and are often decorated with images or inscriptions related to the pet. They are typically used to store the pet ashes after cremation, and can be kept in a special place as a memorial to the pet. Some pet funeral boxes also have a compartment for storing mementos or keepsakes associated with the pet. They are often used as an alternative to traditional pet burial and can provide a way for pet owners to honor and remember their beloved companions. While many people bury their pets directly into the ground with a shroud, the remains may let out foul smells if not buried deep enough. To avoid this, there has been a rising demand for pet burial boxes. These boxes take various forms. Using a pet box will also guarantee that the remains of your pet animal will not interact with another animal's remains. 

Types Of Pet Burial Boxes

  • A simple cardboard box: This is perhaps the most cost-effective and customizable option, that biodegrades fairly easily. These boxes can be reused as delivery boxes or purchased from a store. People often decorate their cardboard boxes by painting or sticking elements that reflect the likeness, personality or interests of the deceased pet. 
  • Styrene Case: This type of casket or box is created using expanded plastic, having a similar composition to styrofoam. This is a very common casket used for pets, and they are easily available for purchase at online and physical retail stores. An average-sized box costs about $100 and can easily contain the remains of a 40-pound animal. Perhaps the biggest drawback of these containers is the fact that they are not biodegradable and will therefore stand against the weight of the compact soil layer above them. 
  • Wooden Box pet box: If you are willing to spend a little more on a sturdy container, you might consider purchasing a wooden pet box. You can easily find them online, in several color options. Compared to the cost of the boxes made from styrene, these are fairly expensive. There are also easily available DIY instruction manuals online for you to craft your own box. 
  • Metal Container: If you are not constrained by a tight budget, you may like to consider a metal pet casket for your beloved pet. These containers usually cost over $1000 as they have similar finishes and construction elements to metal caskets used for humans. One of the greatest selling points of these containers is their durability. They are robust enough to stay intact and don’t collapse from the weight of the soil above them. 
  • Burial Vault: There is always a chance that the ground for burial is uneven. This may distort the shape of the above mentioned caskets. The process of digging and burying the container may also cause similar damages. If you are keen to avoid this, you may like to bury your pet directly in a crowned burial vault. The price of these vaults varies depending on the size of your pet. You must check the weight the vault can handle before you make any purchase. 
  • Biodegradable Container: If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and fairly in-expensive kind of burial, this may just be the container you are looking for. These containers or pods are ready and available for small pets such as hamsters and mice. The larger containers usually stand at 26x18x10. This is enough to hold a medium-sized animal. This casket can be made from any green material that decomposes into the soil. 

Another kind of pet funeral box is the cremation urn. These urns are made from materials such as wood, ceramic, or metal and are meant to hold the pet's cremated remains. They can be inscribed with the pet's name and dates and may also feature decorative designs. There are also pet funeral boxes that are designed to be used at home as a temporary resting place for the pet's remains. These boxes may be made from wood or other materials and may have features such as a removable panel for easy access to the remains. If you are looking for the ideal pet burial or cremation casket, we have the perfect range for you to choose from. By purchasing our carefully crafted pieces, you can have the perfect casket for your pet’s burial or cremation.