Your Guide to Funeral Planning | 01.09.2023

What To Bring To A Funeral: Funeral Items Checklist

funeral items to bring

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Not just as a host but a guest at a funeral, you may need to carry out some funeral planning of your own. You may wonder what to bring to a funeral or what items  to carry. Here is a funeral items list for you to plan ahead.  The task of funeral planning for a guest is not merely as complex as planning for funeral arrangements but may be useful as a checklist to have. 

What To Bring To A Funeral Service- Items Of Condolence 

  • Funeral Flowers: The most common item people bring to a funeral service is flowers. They are a traditional gift meant as a comforter to the grieving family and also a way of honoring the deceased. Gifting flowers while offering your condolences has become so common that the flowers, regardless of their species, are dubbed sympathy flowers. There is no hard or fast rule on what kind of flowers to bring. However, guests bring the most common flower species: Lilies, Roses, Orchids and Carnations. You may bring an entire bouquet or a single flower, as you wish. In place of flowers, people may also gift shrubs. You can also get different types of roses to a funeral.
  • Condolence Cards: Condolence cards or sympathy cards are easy to find and have many messages to choose from. You need not add any personalizations to them other than signing your name at the end. If you choose to make your own card, then you can include pictures or paintings or images of your choice.  You may choose to simply bring a condolence card alone or accompany it with some flowers. 

Although these may not always be tangible items, guests often decide to pay their condolences and offer the grieving family some kind of financial assistance. This may be in cash or cheque; however, these guests may settle payment directly with the house. The most common financial gestures include charity donations and money to cover funeral costs

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3 Practical Items To Carry At A Funeral

There are certain practical items that you may consider carrying with you when you are attending a funeral in case you are in sudden need of them. These items are not very tedious or large to carry with you and also allow you to be better prepared for any emergency or necessary utilization.  

  • Coming out of a global pandemic, people are still wary of catching a viral infection. Sanitizers and tissues may come in handy at such a gathering. It is common for funeral homes to provide them. However, if the items are unavailable, they are easy enough to carry.
  • If the service is a traditional burial, then you might consider carrying an umbrella with you, depending on the weather. The service takes place outdoors, so the chances of there being enough coverage in case of any downpours are slim. 
  • Another item you may want to have with you for a burial service is walking shoes. While this may depend on the distance you may need to walk from the funeral home, they are nonetheless comfortable and practical items for a lengthy event. 

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What Not To Bring Along With You To A Funeral Service

You must be made aware before the service of certain items you are not encouraged to come with or in. 

  • Since the standard dress code for most funerals is business casual, in dark colors, you must not come in any flashy bling, jeans, tops, t-shirts or crop tops. You must not carry accessories that draw unnecessary attention to you. 
  • Since electronic devices are not encouraged, you may either leave them in your car or at home or on silent or switched off in your bag or pocket. Their presence, loud and disruptive, is considered disrespectful to the grieving family. 
  • Unless absolutely necessary, it is advised not to bring your children to a funeral. Since the mood of the funeral home is a somber and serious one, the presence of young children may disturb this.