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Things You Need For A Pet Funeral

Things You Need For A Pet Funeral

Reviewed By: Joshua Siegel

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Things You Need For A Pet Funeral

If you are planning a pet funeral, you might be a little overwhelmed since it is not as common as human funerals. You are probably wondering if there’s anything that needs to be done differently and what all you need to arrange. Fortunately, most of the requirements for a pet funeral are similar to what you would need for a person’s funeral. 

A Pet Casket Or Cremation Urn

The primary piece of equipment you need to arrange will be a pet burial box if you are planning to bury your pet, or a pet urn if you choose to go for cremation. When it comes to pet caskets, the most reliable and premium option comes in the form of metal coffins or casket. At Titan Casket we sell strong and beautiful steel caskets for pets in four different sizes so you can part with your pet honorably.

Alternatively, you can opt for biodegradable pet caskets for a more sustainable and affordable option. When it comes to urns, you will have to make a similar choice. In most situations you can also use a human urn for your pet, as long as the size is big enough. Another option to consider is scattering urns, which are a great choice if you want to scatter the ashes of your pet in a special location, or perhaps even in water. You can choose from biodegradable scattering urns as well as metal urns for your pet from our collection at Titan Casket, starting at just $59.

A Headstone For Pet Burial

If you have decided to go forward with a pet burial, you might also want to opt for a headstone for your pet. Like human headstones, these are usually made out of granite or rock. The primary difference would be the custom engraving you choose to get on the headstone. Most people get their pet’s name as well as maybe a short description about the pet’s personality.

Flowers, Ornaments, And Other Accessories

Depending on what you had in mind for the type of pet funeral you are planning, you might also want to arrange flowers, especially if you plan to have a traditional funeral service that people outside the family can attend. Some people also choose to put up a picture of the pet at the service, while others even book a priest to perform readings, which is a great option if you are religious and wish for a religious farewell for your pet.

Pet Funeral At Home

If you are having an intimate pet funeral in your own backyard, then you probably need to arrange a few additional things that would otherwise have been taken care of by the cemetery. You need a shovel for digging the grave, and someone strong enough to be able to dig at least three feet, or as deep as mandated by your state laws. You might also need a couple of pounds or so of salt to pour over the pet’s body before covering the grave, since it serves as a deterrent to any other wild animals who might try to dig up your pet’s grave.

Other Pet Funeral Ideas

You probably already have some pet funeral ideas in mind that best represent the loss you are experiencing in this difficult time. You could look into other suitable possibilities such as pet funeral songs, readings, or decorations. For music, you could opt for a stereo or you could even book a choir or other musical ensemble that is best suited for the situation. If your pet was loved by many people in your life, you could consider letting people recite eulogies or other readings to best honor the loss you are experiencing. Ultimately, you can keep your pet funeral as simple or as elaborate as you prefer.