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What Are Living Urns?

What Are Living Urns?

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With the damage caused to our environment over the years now reaching the brim, there is an increased focus on ensuring that even funeral ceremonies are more environmentally friendly. Not only in life but in death as well, people are increasingly being more respectful of the environment. This is where the concept of living urns, or bio urns, comes into play. While it isn’t much different from a traditional urn, these urns are 100% environmentally friendly. Be it a tree pod, a water urn, a paper urn, or even a rock salt urn; these natural urns are a great way to personalize the funeral ceremony of a loved one. 

Over the course of this article, we shall shed light on all aspects of bio urns and help you gauge why it is the best option for you.

How Do Living Urns Work?

Bio urns are designed so they may be used either on water or land. Whether it is for the purpose of burial or a scattering ceremony, these urns can be utilized for both. The main characteristic of these urns is that they use bio-degradable and non-toxic materials. 

Types Of Living Urns

There exists a wide variety of eco-friendly urns in the market today, suitable to each customer’s unique requirements. Some of the most common types of living urns are as listed below:

  • Tree Pods: Widely popular all across the United States these days, tree burials are those wherein the deceased’s ashes are contained in a small egg/tube-shaped urn. Over time, this urn will grow into a tree once it has been buried. This form of a living urn is widely popular for its metaphoric symbolism, indicating the transformation into a new life form. When you opt for such an urn, you will also have the option of choosing the specific type of seed you wish for. 
  • Paper/Fiber Urns: Given that paper is, by nature, bio-degradable, it makes for an ideal choice when creating natural urns. These urns can be made using a wide variety of materials, including hemp, sand, fabric, and cornstarch. In most cases, manufacturers also embed seeds and flowers within such urns. Apart from the material used, there is also wide variation in the shape of such urns. They can be in the shape of tubes, spheres, shells, envelopes, hearts, and even fish. In some instances, such urns come equipped with a small space for messages or mementos. If you opt for a paper urn, you can either bury it, display it, or even opt for a water burial of the same. 
  • Water Urns: If you wish to scatter the ashes of your loved one in a water body, it can be tough to do so if it is a windy day. Thus, to solve this problem, bio-degradable water urns were created. The ashes are placed inside the water urn, which tends to float on the surface for a while. This enables you to have a short memorial service during this time period. After a while, the urn will start sinking and then disintegrate – in a few minutes or days, depending on the type of urn. Usually, such urns are made up of natural clay, mulberry bark, or cast paper.
  • Rock Salt Urns: Rock salt urns are ideal for both land and water burials. In the case of such an urn, the ashes are generally stashed within a salt casing. Given that the urns are hand-cut and made from salt deposits that are over 25 million years old, these natural urns are unique pieces. When placed in a water body, these urns dissolve within a period of 4 hours.

Can You Make Your Own Living Urn?

Yes, you can always make your own living urn. You can choose from a wide range of materials, including papier mache, recyclable cardboard, brown paper bags, compostable bags, and water-soluble bags. To further customize the urn, you can choose to add seeds or flowers to the urn. 

Where Can You Buy A Living Urn?

While a couple of years ago, finding suitable living urns was a tedious process, owing to their burgeoning popularity, there are various vendors you can choose from.

Titan Casket has recently partnered with The Living Urn, America’s first bio-urn and planting system. They offer you a range of elegant, eco-friendly urns, with the option of choosing from over 70 tree and shrub options. With superior product design, this is your one-stop solution if you are looking for living urns.