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Eco-Friendly Urns for Water Burials: Meaning, Materials and More

Eco-Friendly Urns for Water Burials: Meaning, Materials and More

Reviewed By: Scott Ginsberg

Cross Checked By: Joshua Siegel

The Right Type Of Urn For A water burial

Water burials are preferred by the people of various communities across the world. There is something poetic and fulfilling about the remains of a deceased person becoming one with water. It puts a beautiful spin on the old sentiment of ‘ashes to ashes and dust to dust.’ Although some communities in the world may dispose of the body of their deceased entirely in the water, in the west, things are a bit different.

Despite the term ‘water burial’ having the word ‘burial’ in it, in the United States, this type of burial typically involves cremating the person who has passed on. The ashes are then scattered into the sea, which is why this process is often called a water burial. For this type of burial, you need the right kind of urn. 

Today, there are various types of urns for holding the ashes of your loved one. But if you choose a water burial, it is important to have an eco-friendly urn that dissolves in the water. This way, it will not contribute to underwater pollution in any manner. 

What kind of urn to choose if you are having a water burial?

In case you have chosen to have a water burial for your loved one, or if they specifically wanted to have their ashes scattered into the sea, you may be looking for a suitable urn for water burial. Here is where biodegradable urns like the eco water urn can be extremely useful. It is a proprietary urn that has fast become the most popular option among people looking to bid their loved ones farewell in the ocean, the sea or any other body of water.

What materials are used in the making of an eco friendly urn?

An eco-friendly urn is generally made from materials that leave no carbon footprint. This includes biodegradable materials such as recycled plant fiber, cellulose and of course, water. No glues or binding agents are used in the making of these types of urns. Instead, the product is created using good old heat and pressure. These urns may even come with an outer casing made from natural materials like wood or bamboo. The bottom line is that the actual material used in the urn should be environmentally friendly as well as soluble in water, so it leaves no residue when left afloat during a water burial

How are eco friendly urns used during a water burial?

Most biodegradable urns like the eco water urn can hold the ashes of a person entirely. However, even if you have had to split the ashes of a loved one with other members of your family, you can use this kind of an eco-friendly urn to hold the ashes till you are ready to scatter them in the water. 

When you do decide to go ahead with the water burial, you can start by removing the outer casing, which is typically made from wood like bamboo. This casing, although biodegradable, cannot dissolve in water. So, it will not be set afloat along with the urn. Once that’s done, you can take the urn itself — containing the ashes of your loved one — and gently let it out on the water. Since these types of urns are made to float, they will not sink into the ocean or water body right away. After a short while, the lower half of the urn dissolves and gently releases your loved one’s ashes into the water. The top half may continue to bob across the surface of the water for a while before also dissolving into the water. This completes your water burial using an eco-friendly urn

Should you opt for a water burial?

If you are looking for a beautiful way to disperse the ashes of your loved one, a water burial may be a fitting choice. Alternatively, if the person who has passed on loved the ocean or enjoyed fishing in the local lake, a water burial where you scatter their ashes in their preferred water body can be a wonderful way to honor them. It can also be a suitable option if you are looking for a sustainable funeral option.

On the other hand, if you are hosting a burial instead of a cremation for your loved one, you can choose an eco-friendly casket made from biodegradable materials like bamboo or pine. You can purchase a suitable eco-friendly casket online in case you are having a green burial ceremony for a loved one.