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Worth Buying: A Glass Pet Urn For Your Furry Friend

Worth Buying: A Glass Pet Urn For Your Furry Friend

Reviewed By: Scott Ginsberg

Cross Checked By: William Prout

What Are Glass Pet Urns? 

As the name suggests, a glass pet urn is a container made out of sturdy glass instead of materials like ceramic or metal. We’re so used to finding and buying urns that are made with materials like wood, ceramic, metal, and even cloth urns. Glass pet urns aren’t popular because people assume that glass urns are not well-built and can not hold the ashes of their beloved pet. This is the same assumption that makes people miss out on picking an attractive and functional urn as a way to honor and remember their pet. 

Different Types Of Glass Pet Urns

There are different types of glass pet urns available on the market. These include: 

  1. Blown glass urn: Blown glass urns are made using a technique called glassblowing where a glass is collected, melted and then shaped to your needs. Blow glass with pet ashes is unique and beautiful. Another added feature of blown glass urns is that they are all handcrafted for your beloved pet. 
  2. Opaque glass urns: These urns are not transparent or translucent, but rather completely solid and do not allow light to pass through them. They can be made in a variety of colors based on your preferences. Opaque glass urns can be a good choice for pet owners who prefer a more subtle or discrete urn. 
  3. Frosted glass urn: These urns are made of glass that has been treated with a special process to give it a frosted or matte look. Frosted urns can be a good choice for those who want an urn that is understated and graceful. 
  4. Paw Print urn: This is another type of blown glass urn but is fitting to hold the ashes of your furry friend. Paw Print urns usually hold the image or a stamp-like impression of your pet’s paw, making the glass urn super unique to your pet. You can also get paw print urns in different colors too. 
  5. Engraved glass urns: These are personalized urns with engravings or other special touches, including photos or artwork that is meaningful in relation to you and your pet. Engraved glass urns can be a way to personalize the urn for your pet in a delicate and artistic manner. 
  6. Colored glass urns: These pet urns have been dyed or tinted with a specific color. Colored glass urns can be a good choice for those who want an urn that matches the personality or interests of their pet. 

The Details That Matter 

Before you lock in and buy a glass urn for your pet, you should know some more details. A factor to consider is the cost of urn. The pet urn can vary depending on a number of factors such as the size, material and special features or customizations that you may add. On average you might find a glass urn from anywhere between $50 to $100 and even higher. 

You can also find a myriad of shapes in glass pet urns. These include vases, jars, cubes, hearts, paw prints, urns with lids and sculptural urns. The shape of a glass pet urn is a matter of personal preference and can be chosen based on the style and aesthetic that you may have. 

Finding The Perfect Pet Urn

You should know that a pet urn made out of glass is generally strong and serves the purpose of holding the ashes of your pet with respect and care. Glass pet urns are feasible and strong but it is important to handle them with care. To ensure the longevity of a glass pet urn, it would make sense to keep it out of reach of children, in a safe spot that is away from sources of too much heat or moisture. Storing the pet run in a safe and secure place could include spots like on a shelf or in a cabinet. 

You can find pet urns that meet your needs on our urns page and honor the memory of your pet with urns that are beautiful and respectful.