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All You Need to Know About Keepsake Urns

All You Need to Know About Keepsake Urns

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What Is A Keepsake Urn?

A keepsake urn, as the name indicates, is one of the many different types of urns that you can use to store the ashes of your loved one after they have been cremated. They help you keep a part of the ashes while still accommodating the needs and wishes of other members of your family. Above all, they are an excellent blend of convenience and tradition. 

Keepsake urns are also known as sharing urns, mini urns or small urns. They are specifically designed to hold only a small portion of the ashes of a person who has passed on. In fact, they differ quite a bit from other types of urns that are conventionally used. Let’s see how.

How Are Keepsake Urns Different From Regular Urns?

The key difference between regular urns and conventional urns is the size. Typically, regular-sized urns are large enough to hold all of the ashes of a person who has passed away. The volume of the ashes typically depends on how much the deceased person weighed. To give you a fair idea of this, you may need a regular urn with a capacity of at least 200 cubic inches to hold the ashes of a person who weighed 200 lbs. 

Keepsake urns, however, have a much smaller capacity. They can generally hold less than 50 cubic inches of ashes. Most keepsake urns have volumes in the range of 3 to 20 cubic inches. Some miniature keepsake urns may even have a capacity of just one cubic inch. Aside from this primary difference, keepsake urns are quite like regular urns in their composition and their durability. 

What Are The Different Types Of Keepsake Urns?

Depending on the material used, keepsake urns can be of different types. Here is a closer look at the different types of urns in this category.

  • Ceramic and Porcelain Urns
  • Ceramic urns and porcelain urns are perhaps the most common options to choose from when it comes to picking out a keepsake urn. Although they are fragile, they can be extensively customized since it is possible to paint over ceramic or porcelain easily.  

  • Wooden Urns
  • If you are looking for an all-natural and eco-friendly option to choose, a wooden keepsake urn fits the bill perfectly. This type of urn is commonly made from wood like teak, pine or oak. Alternatively, you can also find wooden urns made from local trees in your area. 

  • Metal or Alloy Urns
  • Keepsake urns made of metals like bronze or alloys like stainless steel are also quite popular. These materials are generally extremely durable and also easy to maintain over the years. Additionally, many funeral homes or retailers even offer to laser engrave the urn.

  • Marble Urns
  • Marble is an elegant choice of a material for a keepsake urn. The urns made from this material are generally durable and symbolize longevity. You can even have your marble keepsake urn engraved for a more personalized touch.

  • Glass and Crystal Urns
  • Keepsake urns can also be made of glass or crystal. They are generally exceptionally well-designed and often stunningly beautiful. However, they are also extremely fragile and need to be handled with care.

  • Biodegradable Urns
  • This kind of a keepsake urn may be suitable if you want to eventually bury the ashes of your loved one in the earth. You may want to do this if you believe in the principle of earth to earth, or if your loved one was environmentally conscious. 

    Keepsake Urn Traditions And When Do You Need One?

    A keepsake urn can be useful if you want to uphold the time-honored tradition of splitting the ashes of a loved one between the different members of a family. Here’s a closer look at when it may make sense to buy a keepsake urn instead of a regular urn.

  • If you are a part of a large family
  • If you belong to a large family, you may have to split the ashes of a loved one among all the children or siblings. A keepsake urn, with its smaller capacity, is perfect for this. 

  • If you live in a small or compact space
  • In case you live in a small home or a shared house, a keepsake urn can help you honor your loved one without compromising on the space.

  • If you want to take the ashes with you when you travel
  • If you are a frequent traveler, mini keepsake urns with a capacity of one cubic inch make for the ideal portable option to keep your loved one close no matter where you are.

    How Much Do Keepsake Urns Cost?

    Keepsake urns are generally more affordable than regular urns. They may be priced at around $25 to $30 or higher, depending on the material used and the degree of customization. You can easily find keepsake urns at modest as well as premium budgets if you choose to buy an urn online

    Buying An Urn Online

    Whether it is a keepsake urn or a regular urn that you are looking for, you can find several options available for sale from online retailers like Titan Casket. Check out your options, compare the available urns and make an informed purchase.