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Guide To Burying A Dog With Their Favorite Things

Guide To Burying A Dog With Their Favorite Things

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Can You Bury A Dog With Its Bed?

If you are wondering about burying your dog with its bed or any other belongings, the short answer is yes, you can certainly bury a dog with its favorite objects by placing them in the dog casket along with the dog. It is natural to desire to give your pet the most honorable send-off you can when their time comes. As long as you are following local and state laws in your region you are unlikely to face any obstacles when burying your dog with their bed. 

If you recently lost a pet dog, you might be struggling to cope with the loss. There are many ways to give your pet the perfect goodbye - some pet owners find that burying their pets along with some of their favorite belongings such as their beds or other objects like their toys provides solace in dealing with such a painful situation. 

Other Dog Burial Ideas

Objects that people are buried with are usually referred to as grave goods, and they are placed in the burial box with the deceased because these objects hold great value to the person. Similarly, if you want to place some grave goods in your dog's burial box, you should pick some of your dog’s favorite items that brought them a lot of joy or comfort.

A bed is definitely one of the best choices to keep with your dog in their final resting place, and is more likely to be biodegradable than their other belongings. However, some other objects that you could bury with your dog include their favorite toys, their pet collar, their leash if they loved walks, or a sweater or clothing item they liked to wear or play with.

How And Where To Bury Your Dog

Pet owners usually bury their dog either in their own backyard or in a cemetery plot at a pet cemetery. If you are performing your pet’s burial in your backyard then you do not need to ask permission from anyone to bury their bed alongside. However some states have laws that restrict burying using non-biodegradable materials in your backyard, so depending on your local regulation, you might have to check what kind of bed your dog has. If your dog’s bed is made out of fabric without any plastic elements then it is likely fully biodegradable.

However, if you are planning to bury your dog in a pet cemetery, then it would be best to ask the people in charge whether you could bury your dog with its bed or not. The pet cemetery workers are also likely to be aware of any state regulations regarding a dog burial with objects. Wanting to give your pet the farewell they deserve is not uncommon for pet owners, and you shouldn’t hesitate to speak to the people in charge at the pet cemetery since they have probably had other pet owners with similar questions in the past.

Where To Buy A Dog Casket

We know your dog deserves a send-off like any other person you love would, which is why we at Titan Casket offer premium steel pet caskets with a high-gloss finish, crepe interiors and a rubber gasket seal to provide durability. Our pet caskets come in four sizes so you can pick one that is spacious enough for your dog as well as any of your dog’s belongings that you would want to bury with them.