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Can You Plan A Funeral Without Casket?

Can You Plan A Funeral Without Casket?

Key Insights

  • A casket for a funeral can be one of the most significant costs when it comes to funeral planning.
  • While you can certainly choose not to have a casket at a funeral, you should know there are other options.
  • You can opt to rent a casket instead of buying one if your constraints are financial.
  • Many people choose cremation or alternative burial methods such as natural burial over the traditional burial method, eliminating the need for a casket.
  • You can buy a premium casket within your budget from among Titan Casket’s several affordable and customizable casket models.

Funeral planning can be a stressful task on multiple levels - logistically, emotionally, and usually financially as well. A funeral can encompass several expenses, and one of the major expenses involved is the casket

Managing Funeral Costs

If it is the funeral cost that has got you second guessing the use of a casket, you might consider renting a casket or opting for a cremation or an alternative burial so that you do not need a casket. However, there are often also religious or spiritual beliefs due to which people follow funeral rites differently and do not need a casket. Read on to understand all the alternatives to a traditional burial with a casket.

Renting A Casket

If you cannot afford to buy a casket and that is the reason you are wondering about funerals without caskets, you should know that you also have the option of renting a casket. Many people with financial constraints choose to rent a casket which can store the body for the purpose of a viewing. 

In this situation, the body is lowered into a rented casket without letting it touch the sides, so the casket can later be rented by someone else. People opt for rented caskets for both financial reasons and to remain environmentally conscious as well. You can avail the option of renting a casket at most funeral homes.


Cremation is when the body of a deceased person is disposed of through incineration in a specially designed cremation chamber. Although some families choose to use a casket for cremation, it is not necessary. If you do not want a casket at your funeral, then you can opt for a cremation without a casket and the crematory will provide you with an alternative container to use for the ceremony.

Alternative Burials

One of the most popular alternatives to a traditional burial is a natural burial. A natural burial is when the deceased is wrapped in biodegradable material without a casket and then buried. You can look for green cemeteries around you that allow such burials, either without any casket or by providing you with a biodegradable casket made from clay or cardboard. Lastly, if you own some rural property, you might be able to opt for a direct burial in the earth with no casket. However it is worth noting that your options when it comes to alternative burials will depend on your local regulations and zoning laws. 

Some states do mandate the use of a burial vault. Make sure you check the laws of your state or county before deciding what method of burial you prefer. Some methods such as direct cremation can also invariably add a time constraint to your funeral planning since embalming is not allowed.

How Can You Save Money By Buying a Casket Online?

Buying An Affordable Casket

The bottom line is that if you really do not want a casket at a funeral for personal reasons, then it is absolutely not mandatory to have one. However, if it is a matter of financial constraints, you should explore alternatives such as renting a casket or even buying a casket online, since the cost of buying a casket online is often just a fraction of the cost at a funeral home. Remember that as per The Funeral Rule established by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), no funeral home can force you to purchase a casket from them.

For example, at Titan Casket we have various casket models available to suit all budgets, ranging from eco-friendly pine caskets to affordable premium looking stainless steel caskets. The best part is that you can avail free and timely shipping to any location in the United States, and once you have placed the order for your casket you need not worry about a thing, as we will take care of the rest by coordinating with your funeral home to ensure a hassle–free casket delivery.

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