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Honoring Your Pet: 10 Funeral Ideas That You Can Follow

Honoring Your Pet: 10 Funeral Ideas That You Can Follow

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10 Unique Funeral Ideas For Your Pet 

Losing a pet can be as gut-wrenching as losing a friend or a family member. Considering the close bond that pet owners and their furry little friends share, it is important to attain proper closure. One of the ways through which you can find support and deal with the loss is by holding intimate pet funeral services. If you wish to honor your pet’s memories and give them a respectful send-off, here are 10 ideas that you can consider implementing.  

Conduct An Outdoor Funeral Service 

If your pet loved the outdoors, the best way to pay respect to the departed soul would be by conducting the funeral service in an open space like a park instead of a pet funeral home. Such a service would be in keeping with your pet’s preferences and can help provide you with some much-needed closure. If you’re unsure of how to go about planning such a thing, consider outsourcing it to entities that provide pet funeral services

Hold A Backyard Funeral Service 

On the other hand, if you prefer keeping your pet’s memorial service very intimate with just close friends and family, a backyard funeral service may just be the perfect option. Not only would this option be easier, but you also get to save a lot on the pet funeral services costs. You can also rope in your family members and maybe even a couple of friends to help you organize the service. 

Put Together A Graveside Funeral Service 

If you’re planning on burying your pet in a cemetery, holding a small graveside funeral service may just be what you need to deal with your companion’s death. You can make it unique and put a personal touch to it by including a customized gravestone or a grave marker that’s personalized. For instance, if your pet loved playing with a frisbee, you could get a grave marker made that looks just like a frisbee. 

Create A Memory Box 

Another one of the many unique pet funeral ideas that you can incorporate is by coming up with a memory box. You can use this box to store photos of your pet and other memorabilia like the collar they used to wear, their leash, or maybe even their preferred toy. The memory box can even be set up as a display during the funeral service that you hold for your furry friend. 

Have Memorial Jewelry Made

Making and distributing memorial jewelry during your pet’s funeral service is a deeply personal idea that you can implement. You can choose to make cremation jewelry, where your pet’s ashes are used to craft unique pieces of personal ornaments ranging from pendants to rings. Or, you can have jewelry engraved or embossed with your pet’s name, image, paw print. 

Scatter The Ashes In A Meaningful Place 

If you’re planning to cremate your furry little friend, this is one of the many pet funeral ideas that you can consider. Scattering one’s ashes is a tradition that many cultures follow as it symbolizes letting go of a loved one. Scattering your pet’s ashes is a good way to finally find some closure; especially when it is done in a place that holds meaning to both you and your pet. 

Incorporate Pictures Or Videos In The Service 

Playing a tribute video or projecting a photo slideshow of all the memories that you and your family members shared with your pet is a great way to pay respect to your deceased companion. Doing so provides everyone participating in the funeral service with a visual reminder of all the lovely times they shared with the pet and can make moving on a lot less painful. 

Use Candles To Elevate The Memorial Service 

Lighting candles and incense during pet funeral services as a mark of respect to your deceased companion is an idea that you can incorporate. To make it more personal, you could get customized scented candles made that display a picture of your pet or its paw print and light them up during the service. 

Express Your Relationship With Your Pet Artistically 

If you’re good at art, you could draw or paint a portrait of your pet or of a photo from a time that you cherished with them. This is a good way to show respect to someone who you spent time with. You could also have the artwork framed and kept as a display during the memorial service

Honor Your Pet By Planting A Tree

Planting a tree or even a flower using your pet’s cremated remains is a great way to pay tribute to the life that your companion lived. That’s not all. It also gives you the satisfaction of having created new life using the ashes of your pet. Each time you pass by the tree or the flower, you will be reminded of your pet, which can be emotionally very soothing.

Holding A Pet Funeral Is Important To Move On 

Apart from the 10 options listed above, there are plenty of other pet funeral ideas that you can incorporate. Ultimately, it is about giving your pet the respect that they deserve. So, feel free to include anything in the funeral that might make your transition into a life without your companion smoother.  

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