Your Guide to Funeral Planning | 01.13.2023

How To Pay For Pre-Planning Funeral?

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How To Pay For Pre Planning Your Funeral

You can opt for paying for pre-planning by setting aside an amount of money based on your predicted expenses including the cost of funeral home services, burial or cremation services, your casket, burial vault, etc. This way, even if your loved ones have to make the funeral arrangements, they do not have to worry about the fiscal aspect. Some people set this money aside in a trust which cannot be accessed until the time of need arises or they set up a separate bank account where they can store the money for their funeral while it continues to accrue interest.

What Is Funeral Pre Planning?

A person’s death is always a devastating experience for their loved ones, and it is a misfortune further complicated by the responsibilities that come with planning their funeral. To save your loved ones from the difficulties faced in funeral planning, especially financial, you can consider pre-planning funeral arrangements for yourself.

The act of funeral pre-planning gives you complete control over the arrangements for your future funeral, while also allowing you to relieve your family members of the financial burden by paying for the funeral in advance. While it can be emotionally taxing to think about and prepare for your death, it is practically the best thing you can do to alleviate the stress faced by your loved ones when the time does come.

Funeral Planning Vs Pre Planning

In a situation where no funeral has been pre-planned, the bereaved are saddled with the task of planning a funeral for the deceased, possibly without all the relevant information. This means that not only do they have to worry about paying for the funeral and all its related expenses, but also about ensuring they are honoring the deceased satisfactorily while making guesses about their preferences. 

Since the funeral is not pre-planned, there is nothing in place and all arrangements need to be made from scratch. If this is the kind of situation you want to avoid, you should definitely consider pre-planning funeral arrangements. Pre-planning your funeral includes but is not limited to making decisions on a crematorium or funeral home, picking your casket, burial vault, hearse, or other merchandise, and deciding what kind of church or funeral home services you would like to have.

Funeral Pre Planning Insurance

Funeral pre-planning insurance, also known as pre-need funeral insurance, is another way of paying for pre-planning your funeral. It is a kind of life insurance policy which would cover the expenses of your funeral based on a predetermined estimate, and follows largely the same process as setting aside money yourself, except that this prevents the money from being used for anything else. It also might save you the hassle of setting up a separate account if that is a matter of importance to you. 

Pre Planning A Casket

At Titan Casket we offer you the option of pre-planning your casket purchase so that at the time of need, the casket will directly be shipped to your funeral home and no other arrangements need to be made. When you buy a casket and opt for pre-planning, you will be sent a pre-planning contract which has permanent validity, but you retain the option of being able to cancel anytime. The money you pay for the casket will be stored in a third party trust account until the time of need arises, so you can rest assured about handing over your money and protecting it from any misuse. 

When you pre-plan a casket, the price you see today is the price you will pay regardless of any change in prices on those models in the future.  Locking in a price today is a great way to protect yourself and your loved ones from any rising costs from inflation. Not only will you be able to lock in the price you see today, but you will also be able to ensure you get a casket that honors your wishes, since we will ensure you get exactly the casket you picked. If you are unsure of the delivery address for the casket at the present moment, you or your loved ones have the option of providing the address when the time of need arises.