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Types Of Coffins: Selecting The Best Fit For Your Loved One

Types Of Coffins: Selecting The Best Fit For Your Loved One

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Types Of Coffins For Burials

When you lose a loved one, you would wish to arrange for a befitting funeral for their final journey to the afterlife. One of the essential factors to consider when planning a funeral ceremony for a loved one is the choice of coffin. There is a wide range of coffins available in the market today, and based on your choice, the price range varies from $500 to tens of thousands of dollars. Listed below are the most common types of coffins that you can choose from:

  1. Metal Coffins: When you start looking for coffins, you will realize that the most popular coffins in the market today are metal coffins. Often preferred for their durability, these coffins are generally made of 16-gauge or 18-gauge steel and come in various colors and with additional fittings and furnishings. When opting for a metal coffin, you also have the option of choosing one with a gasket/seal, which will prevent water from seeping into the coffin.
  2. Copper/Bronze Coffins: As the name suggests, these coffins are made either of copper or bronze and are typically listed separately from metal coffins because they are categorized based on their weight (32/48 ounces per square foot). This is in contrast to metal coffins, categorized based on gauge or thickness.
  3. Stainless Steel Coffins: These coffins are said to be more durable as opposed to standard steel coffins and are much more resistant to corrosion. 
  4. Wooden Coffins: When it comes to wooden coffins, you can opt for cheaper variants or more pricey variants. The former is generally made of pine, willow, or poplar, while the latter is made of walnut, mahogany, cherry, birch, maple, and oak.
  5. Half-Couch Lidded Coffins: These coffins are the most preferred choice for visitations. Elegantly made, these coffins are often draped with a highly durable fabric to make them look attractive.
  6. Full-Couch Lidded Coffins: In such coffins, the lid can only be lifted as one solid unit. If you opt for such a coffin for your loved one, then that means that the deceased’s entire body will be visible during the visitation ceremony.
  7. Eco-Friendly Coffins: As the name suggests, such coffins are generally made of bio-degradable materials, eventually disintegrating over time. Such coffins do not have any hinges or even handles, and are most often made using woven fibers, cardboard, or untreated wood. 

Difference Between A Casket And A Coffin

While some people use the words interchangeably, there are specific critical differences between a coffin and a casketTraditionally, a coffin has six sides, while a casket has four sides. Secondly, caskets tend to be much heavier than coffins because the former are made of heavier materials like metal and wood, while the latter is made of wood, or veneer, cardboard, bamboo, and so on. A coffin is a great choice if you want to cremate the body and the container – an economic decision to make.

Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Coffin

When buying a coffin, make sure you factor in the following:

  1. Purchasing a Coffin From a Funeral Home is Not Mandatory: As per the latest rules and regulations in the US, funeral directors are legally obliged to accept coffins purchased from elsewhere.
  2. Size of the Coffin: Coffins are available in various sizes. The standard dimensions for a coffin range from a length of 5 feet to 6.8 feet and a width of 24 inches or more. If in case you are looking for a coffin of a differing dimension, you can convey the same to the coffin maker.
  3. Coffin Weight: Standard coffins made of wood, metal, or wicker can hold a weight of as much as 23 stones/149 kgs. Conversely, oversized coffins can hold as much as 360 kilograms.
  4. Coffin Handles: Most standard coffins come equipped with six handles – three on each side so that six adults can transport the same. Make sure you choose a coffin with load-bearing handles.
  5. Coffin Liners: Coffin liners are usually made of materials such as calico or cotton. When choosing a coffin, you have the option of also selecting the color, material and look of the coffin liner.
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