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What Size Casket or a Coffin Do I Need?

What Size Casket or a Coffin Do I Need?


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When deciding on a casket for yourself or a loved one, there are many things to consider. In addition to elements such as material, design and color, one important aspect to consider is size. If you’re trying to decide what size casket/coffin you need, you can find more specific information below.

What Are The Dimensions For Standard Caskets?

Though casket dimensions may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, standard caskets are typically 84 inches long, 28 inches wide and 23 inches high. These coffin dimensions are usually the same for both wood and metal caskets. Caskets are designed to fit within standard burial plots, which are typically 30-inches wide and fit standard caskets and 28-inch and 29-inch oversize caskets (more on this below).

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Is Casket Size Important?

Standard Casket dimensions are usually 83" in length  28" inches in width, and  23" in height.

For the majority of adults, a standard size casket/coffin is sufficient. Standard caskets can usually (but not always) accommodate a person who is up to 6’5” and 350 pounds without any issues, although we strongly recommend you consult with your funeral director to tell you exactly what casket size you need.

What Are The Casket Dimensions For An Oversized Casket?

If you are purchasing a casket for a larger person, or want more room in the interior of the casket, you have the option of choosing an oversized casket. While the same length as standard size caskets, the interior of oversized caskets is wider. The “smallest oversize” that we carry has an exterior width of 27 inches, with an interior width of 26.75”. From there, we carry sizes of 28-inches, 29-inches, 33-inches, 36-inches, 40-inches, and 44-inch oversize caskets. At each size, the interior is 0.25” smaller than the exterior (e.g., a 36-inch casket will have a 35.75” wide interior).

Will An Oversize Casket Fit In A Standard Burial Vault And Plot?

Our 28 inch and 29-inch caskets or coffins can still fit within a standard size burial plot (which is 30 inches wide). Need a 33-inch or larger casket? You’ll need an oversize burial vault. Additionally, it’s worth noting that you will likely be required to purchase a second or oversized burial plot if your loved one’s casket is larger than 33 inches in width.

Are There Additional Reasons For Purchasing An Oversized Casket?

According to and Cake, some people choose to purchase an oversized casket if it is more affordably priced than a standard casket, even if their loved one does not require the extra space In this circumstance, they can opt to include more padding within the interior of the casket to ensure that the departed is properly situated.

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What Are The Dimensions For Children’s Caskets?

Child and infant caskets vary widely in terms of casket dimensions depending on the age of the baby or child at the time of their passing. Child caskets generally start at an interior length of 30 inches, although smaller caskets are available as well (starting at around 10 inches). Widths are typically around 12.5 inches for child caskets and increase or decrease in proportion with changes in length.

What Size Coffin/Casket Do I Need?

Now that you have some measurements from which to work, you can make a more informed decision about which size casket to purchase. We always and strongly recommend speaking to a funeral director, who can give you an accurate assessment before you make an online purchase.

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