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What Is The Cost Of A See Through Casket?

What Is The Cost Of A See Through Casket?

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What Is The Cost Of A See Through Casket?

The average price of a see through casket, also known as a clear casket, ranges between $5,000 and $7,000. However the cost of a clear casket can go up to $20,000 if you opt for a more sophisticated and customized model. Most clear caskets feature a simple yet elegant design, and are gaining popularity for the unobscured view that they provide of the deceased’s body.

Most see through caskets are made of acrylic with a wooden base. A glass casket is not a practical option since it is much more fragile and expensive than acrylic. However even a see through casket made of acrylic offers a modern and sophisticated look much like a premium glass casket. That being said, you can find an actual glass casket from niche retailers if you have your heart set on it, but it would likely cost significantly more than an acrylic see through casket.

Cheaper Alternatives For Caskets

If high funeral expenses are posing an obstacle for you, there are cheaper options available when it comes to burial caskets. The cheapest options available are pine, cardboard, willow, or other similar biodegradable caskets. These provide affordability as well as sustainability for those who value it, but that comes at the cost of durability, since these caskets tend to be much more fragile than their non-biodegradable counterparts.

Lastly, there is also the option to rent a casket instead of buying one. This is an especially useful option if you are opting for a cremation over a burial, and only need a casket for the funeral service or viewing. 

How To Reduce Funeral Expenses

Planning a funeral is a challenging task for many reasons, and one of the biggest hurdles people face is the financial aspect. There are so many different expenses involved in planning a funeral. However, there are a few strategies you can adopt that might help ease the burden of the costs you have to bear.

If the time of need has not yet arrived and you are planning things in advance, you can opt for funeral insurance to make the financial aspect of your loss easier on your loved ones when the time comes. If it is too late for this option and you are in the process of planning a funeral for a loved one, you can also try to ask for donations for the funeral expenses through an obituary or by crowdfunding. Lastly, a surefire way to save thousands of dollars is to buy the casket you want online instead of from the funeral home. Remember that no funeral home can deny a casket that you bought elsewhere as per the Funeral Rule established by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Should I Buy A See-Through Casket?

The kind of casket you pick during funeral planning is a highly personal decision that will depend on a combination of factors, including budget, disposition method, and the preferences of the deceased. If you are certain you want to have a viewing of your loved one at their funeral, then a clear casket is certainly worth considering. Not only does it provide convenience for the viewing before the burial or cremation, but it also maintains a sophisticated look at the same time. 

You can buy a premium see through casket made from the highest quality materials from us here at Titan Casket. Our Gold Series Clear Casket retails for $5,999, and comes with plush interiors as well as premium hardware with aluminum reinforcement. This casket provides the right combination of luxury and convenience for those seeking a fully transparent casket for their loved one’s funeral.