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Where Can You Plant Living Urns?

Where Can You Plant Living Urns?

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Deciding Where To Plant A Living Urn

The great thing about living urns or bio urns is that you can plant them in a wide variety of locations. So, whether you prefer to plant urns like this closer home or a bit further away in a more natural setting, there’s no dearth of options available to you. You can choose to plant the urns with the ashes on private property or in a public area, depending on the permits in place. 

To decide the final location for your plant urn, you need to take different factors into account. Some of the main considerations include the ownership of the land, the accessibility of the area, and the local, state and national laws. That said, living urns can also be nurtured indoors in some cases. The bottom line is that to create living memorials for your loved ones, you can choose indoor or outdoor urns with plant containers that can be nurtured into beautiful plants or trees over time. 

Top Locations To Plant Your Living Urn Safely 

If you are planning to get a living urn for your loved one, here are some ideas that can help you decide where to plant the urn.

  • Your own private property
  • Your own backyard or garden is a great place to plant a living urn. So, if you have private property of your own, it is perhaps ideal to choose this location for outdoor urns with plant containers. This way, you can tend to the tree in memory of your loved one right from the comfort of your own home. 

  • A friend or a relative’s property 
  • Even if you don’t have your own yard or private land, it’s possible that you have a relative or a close friend who does. If the person who passed away held a special place in the lives of these people, it may be a good idea to ask them if you can plant the urn on their property. That way, you can both visit the memorial often. 

  • In a local (or a national) park
  • You can also choose to plant the living urn in a local park, so you can visit the place often. Another great idea is to plant the urns with the ashes of your loved one in a national park. However, if you choose any of these locations, ensure that you get the required permissions before you proceed. 

  • At your local church 
  • If your loved one was a deeply religious person and was an active member of your local church community, having their living urn planted on church property may be a fitting tribute. Some churches today set aside space particularly for memorial trees and plants. That said, you may need to get the necessary permissions before you go ahead though. 

  • At a cemetery
  • If your loved one had already purchased a plot in a local cemetery, you can take a chance and place a request to the cemetery’s office to see if you can plant a living urn in the plot. Today, many cemeteries even allocate a space for these kinds of memorial plants, so people who choose this option can lay their loved ones to rest in a fitting manner. 

  • At a green burial ground
  • There are also green burial grounds that are locations specifically designed to cater to eco-friendly burial, cremation or planting options. If you have a green location like this nearby, you can reach out to them and see if you can plant the urn there. 

  • In a planter indoors
  • Lastly, a living urn need not always be planted outdoors. There are also special indoor living urns that can be nurtured within your home or even on your patio. These urns typically contain the seeds needed to nurture a house plant or a small bonsai tree. They help you honor your loved one while taking up very little space. 

    Give Your Loved One A Lasting Home With Living Urns

    By choosing a living urn, you can feel closer to the person who has passed away, because it gives you an opportunity to create a living memorial for them. If you are looking for plant urns for sale near you, you don’t need to look far. Titan Casket has partnered with The Living Urns Company, so you can choose from a wide range of their products on our website and give your loved one a wonderful resting place.