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What Is A Natural Materials Coffin?

What Is A Natural Materials Coffin?

Reviewed By: William Prout

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Everything You Need To Know About Natural Material Coffins

Coffins can be made out of materials that are eco-friendly. When the coffin is biodegradable, even to an extent, it is considered a natural material coffin. Natural coffins are a choice made by individuals who are trying to live sustainably. A person could pre-plan a funeral and wish to have an eco-friendly goodbye or it’s a decision that family members and friends get to make.
Natural material coffins are gaining popularity keeping the current global warming trends in mind. People want to stay mindful of what they take from nature and how they would like to give back. Choosing an environmentally-safe funeral can help reduce your carbon footprint on the world.

Types Of Natural Material Coffins

With the advent of natural material coffins, the industry has figured out different materials and types of coffins that are made of biodegradable materials. You can pick from:

  1. Bamboo eco-coffins: Bamboo is a sustainable and biodegradable material that can make for sturdy coffins. Bamboo coffins can range between $100 and above.
  2. Banana leaf coffins: Inexpensive and biodegradable to the core, banana leaf coffins are available in a traditional coffin shape or as a round-ended coffin.
  3. Cane coffin: Cane is another biodegradable material that is lightweight and affordable. You can find cane coffins in both round-ended and rectangular shapes.
  4. Cardboard coffins: Cardboard coffins are highly preferred as they can be personalized to your needs. Cardboard coffins are easily available online and in funeral homes. You can choose to draw, paint, write, or stick pictures on the cardboard coffin and make it unique to your loved one’s personality. 
  5. Pandanus leaf coffins: Pandanus or wild pineapple coffins are made of biodegradable materials. These are usually woven with rattan or seagrass to give them a very natural appearance. 
  6. Seagrass coffins: Woven seagrass coffins are also affordable and made of eco-friendly materials. Most of the coffins in this list have the option of customization, depending on the place you buy the coffin from. You can have extra rings for flowers or lids that are made of biodegradable materials.
  7. Traditional wood coffin: Wood, as a material, is always in demand for coffins. Wood caskets are known for their durability and resistance to elements, keeping the body safe inside of them. You should be careful while buying an eco-friendly wood coffin. Find out about all the materials used and whether the wood has been processed or not.
  8. Willow coffins: Also known as wicker coffins are beautiful brown or golden-looking coffins that are made of biodegradable materials.
  9. Wool coffin: Knit to perfection and provide durability, wool caskets are another biodegradable material. Be sure to check if the wool has been dyed with organic or unnatural colors.
  10. Cork coffin: Cork is another sustainable material that can be used to make beautiful and sturdy natural coffins. 

    Why Should You Consider Natural Material Coffins?

    Coffins or caskets made of unnatural materials can take an astounding amount of time to degenerate and become one with the soil. In a world where pollution, viruses, global warming and commercialization are taking over, taking the sustainable route becomes our responsibility.
    Unnatural coffins usually have hinges and handles made of metal. Chemical treatments like inorganic paint or veneers can also do more harm to the ground that the coffin is buried in. 
    With natural coffins becoming a preference, companies, funeral homes and online retailers have started to provide customers with a plethora of options to work with. Natural coffins can be found in all of these places without having to put in too much an effort. The price point for these natural coffins is also affordable. Organizing a funeral service is already such a big expense.
    With natural coffins, you won’t only be saving money but also giving back to the earth we have taken so much from.
    Take the time to discuss with your family and friends about the kind of funeral you would like for yourself. If you’re planning on a sustainable one, discussing information like this in advance is important.
    You can find eco-friendly caskets in a place like Titan Casket. If you’re looking for natural coffins, you could visit a website like Natural Endings. Take the time to compare different parameters like price and material before buying one. Look for an FFMA or a CCSA certificate as a mark of authenticity.