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Where Can You Purchase A Casket For Pre-Planning?

Where Can You Purchase A Casket For Pre-Planning?

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What Is Funeral Pre Planning?

Funeral pre-planning is exactly what it sounds like: preparing for funeral costs beforehand, usually by pre-paying for everything a funeral entails such as caskets, funeral home fees, and the like. With that said, there are multiple online casket stores where one can pre-purchase a casket for their funeral pre-planning. We will cover more on this later. Pre-planning a funeral typically involves pre-paying for a funeral, or just setting aside a lump sum amount of money that will cover potential funeral expenses. Preplanning a funeral is usually done to spare one's loved ones from having the chore of organizing a funeral by taking on additional financial strain while grieving a familial loss. As with most preparation, pre-planning casket arrangements, pre-booking a funeral home, and setting aside additional funds for this purpose, can all ease the strain of a relative or close relative passing. With pre-planning funeral arrangements, acquiring a casket can become challenging. However, there are many ways one can pay for a casket beforehand. To go about this, there are pre-paid funeral plans one can opt for, with policies ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 policy amounts. Based on the amount selected, one can pay premiums for their policy as monthly installments to the funeral home they have chosen. Policy costs cover aspects of a funeral such as the location, casket, décor, and more. 

Why Should You Pre Purchase A Casket?

However, one can also pre-purchase just a casket. When it comes to funeral pre-planning, caskets are among the most significant purchases one could possibly make. Not only are they among the largest expenses, but choosing a high-quality casket that suits one’s budget can also turn into a chore. Pre-purchasing a casket is meant to make this process much easier, as you get to decide well in advance. By choosing to pre-plan your casket, you get to select the design that suits your tastes best, take control of the process of funeral organization, and ease the burden of your loved ones having to organize the same. By pre-planning your casket purchase, you can ensure your casket purchase fits your needs. For example, for a larger person, you might need an oversized casket. Whatever the case, pre-planning casket arrangements can save you the hassle of dealing with this during a time of grief.

Finally, pre-purchasing a casket ensures it will be ready to go along with everything once the time comes. The funeral processions can be streamlined, and your loved ones can take care of themselves and one another during a time of grief. By pre-planning with an option to pay in monthly installments, you also have the opportunity to save your loved ones from the costs of organizing a funeral. There is always the possibility that funeral homes may mark up the prices of caskets. During the grieving process, it might be hard to discern whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth. Pre-planning gives you the benefit of time to make these decisions as carefully as you need to.

Where Can You Pre Purchase A Casket?

Multiple online stores offer the option of purchasing a casket for pre-planning. However, you can also cover the cost of caskets beforehand by visiting nearby funeral homes and opting for their pre-planning policy covered by you in monthly installments. Whether you choose to opt for a pre-planning policy or opt to buy a casket from a third-party vendor, ensure you choose a trusted source for these expenses. Keep in mind that, as per the FTC Funeral Rule, all U.S funeral homes are mandated to accept any caskets that you’ve purchased from a vendor on your own with no added costs. At Titan Casket, we’re proud to offer a pre-paid option for purchasing your casket. You can easily arrange your pre-need casket today, and be assured that your loved ones will be covered in their time of need.

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