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What Are Clear Caskets?


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What Is A Clear Casket?

A clear casket is a casket made of glass which is completely see-through. Clear caskets provide an unblocked view of your loved one inside the casket so that you can have a viewing at their funeral without much additional hassle. These caskets provide a modern and unique look while offering the convenience of a transparent casket, and are characterized by their simple lines that elevate the look of the exterior.

The most common choices for caskets are metal or wooden caskets, but clear caskets made of acrylic with a wooden base are gaining popularity among people who wish for a casket that would be best suited for a viewing. On average, a clear casket weighs approximately a hundred pounds. These have also become a common choice for people who are opting for a cremation but want to have a viewing beforehand. 


Are Clear Caskets Made Of Glass?

Although a clear casket might sometimes be referred to as a glass casket, they are usually made out of acrylic with a wood base. Although you could find specialized retailers to purchase a casket that is actually made of glass, you can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for it. This is because a glass casket can be an impractical choice for a burial casket. Not only is it many times more difficult and labor intensive to build, but it also fails to provide the same level of protection from the elements when placed underground.

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Cost Of A Clear Casket

The casket is one of the biggest funeral expenses you will have to undertake. While in the past people did not have any option except to buy a casket from a funeral home, it is now legally mandated by The Funeral Rule that every funeral home has to accept whatever casket you buy, even if it is from elsewhere. This means you can also buy your casket online, where you are more likely to find the kind of casket you want for a fraction of the cost you would be charged at a funeral home.

If you are wondering about clear casket prices, you can expect to pay at least $5,000 for a basic model without much embellishment. Note that this is for acrylic models. If you truly want a glass casket, especially if you just want something elegant for a viewing after which the body will be cremated, you will probably have to spend more. You should know that an acrylic clear casket often provides the same sophisticated look for a better price, and you can consider purchasing the Gold Series Clear Casket from us here at Titan Casket at a cost of $6,000.

Where To Buy Clear Caskets

At Titan Casket we offer a stylish clear casket with a unique and sophisticated look made of high quality acrylic on a wood base. The fully transparent casket model is known as the Gold Series Clear Casket and features a full-length lid. Both the exterior and the luxurious interiors are made of the highest quality materials with aluminum reinforcement.

We provide free shipping and timely delivery of the casket directly to your funeral home or as per your instructions. We also offer the option of pre-planning your casket, which allows you to buy a casket online and lock it in at today’s price while actually availing it only when the time of need comes. The pre-planning contract is permanent so you never have to worry about it expiring. With this option, we hope to alleviate the hassle you have to face during your time of grief.

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