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Saying goodbye to a loved one is not only an emotionally difficult experience, but it can be an expensive one. Because coffin prices take up a significant portion of that expense, one of the best ways to reduce costs is to purchase a casket for sale online. Buying a casket or coffin from an online retailer can yield several benefits, including considerably lower prices when compared to buying through a funeral home, a greater opportunity to customize the coffin, and the flexibility and comfort of being able to shop anywhere, anytime the internet is available to you.

Our Titan Casket team is made up of caring, non-commissioned experts who understand the complex decisions you are about to make and are here to help. With our informative articles, Titan Casket strives to offer you advice that will help ask the questions that will allow you to buy the best coffin or casket to honor your departed loved one. 

Table of Contents

  1. The Titan Casket Difference
  2. The Titan Casket Information Hub For Buying A Coffin Or Casket Online
  3. How Buying Online Works
    4. FTC Funeral Rule
        5. Casket And Coffin Features And Design
          6. Choosing A Casket Or Coffin
            7. Casket Prices

          1. The Titan Casket Difference

          Titan Casket is a family business with extensive technology, e-commerce, and customer service expertise, in addition to deep casket industry experience. We founded Titan Casket based on the belief that there had to be a better way to help families navigate the frustrating and exceedingly expensive funeral planning process. By circumventing traditional channels, we found our way. As our mission says: “When you contact Titan, you are talking to a member of our family... We will be with you the entire way - from your first call to well after the funeral to make sure you are satisfied and have the funeral and casket your loved one deserves.” 

          Titan Casket’s deep industry experience is based on years of working with dedicated funeral directors who are highly trained and care deeply about their clients. We have also worked extensively, one-on-one with clients to assist them as they navigate the state-by-state rules and regulations relating to U.S. funeral law and consumer rights. Our considerable experience has given us a unique window into the needs of families and friends as they wind their way through the demands associated with funeral planning. We believe that everyone has the right to a memorable, impactful, personalized funeral that treats grieving families and friends with the utmost respect and dignity. We want to assist you as you begin the process of saying farewell in an authentic and meaningful way.  

          2. The Titan Casket Information Hub For Buying a Coffin or Casket Online

          Titan Casket’s goal is to offer you invaluable information on how to shop for coffins or caskets for sale online, no matter what your budget, with the least amount of stress possible. Under the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule, every customer has the right to provide their own casket should they so choose. The funeral home is required to accept delivery of a casket from an outside source and cannot impose any fees or penalties upon you for doing so.

          Prices of caskets (or coffins) purchased from funeral homes can cost up to 85 percent more than caskets bought online. Buying a casket online from a reputable seller, however, costs significantly less, and the caskets are of the same or better quality as those purchased through funeral homes. 

          Our information hub articles offer detailed information on how to buy a casket or coffin online, casket costs, the questions about materials and customer service that should be asked, and shipping details. We take a look at how the FTC Funeral Rule protects consumers, and offer advice on customization options (including beautiful color caskets), how to purchase military funeral caskets, and coffin and casket sizing. 

          Our  information hub offers you a reliable spot to get answers to the most often asked  questions about buying a coffin or casket online. If you would like to talk to a funeral concierge for help with specific questions relating to your loved one, Titan Casket is always here to help, 24/7. Just give us a call at 1-501-298-4346, and you will be connected to a funeral concierge who can provide you the support you need. 

          3. How Buying Online Works 

          Where to Buy a Casket

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          How Buying a Casket or Coffin Online Works at Titan (FAQs)

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          4. FTC Funeral Rule

          What is the FTC Funeral Rule?

          Titan Casket explains the critical elements of the FTC Funeral Rule, including the right for consumers to provide their own casket or coffin to a funeral home. [learn more]

          Funeral Planning Rules and Regulations | A State-by-State Guide to the Law and Your Rights with the Funeral Home (and How to Exercise Them)

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          5. Casket and Coffin Features and Design

          Full Couch Caskets

          This article details the differences between caskets and coffins that are designed as half couch or full couch. [learn more]

          How Much Does a Casket Weigh?

          Titan Casket reviews the factors, including an array of materials, that determine how much a coffin or casket can weigh. [learn more]

          What is the Difference Between Coffins and Caskets?

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          What Size Casket/Coffin Do I Need?

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          6. Choosing a Casket or Coffin

          How to Choose the Right Casket

          This article explains some of the different styles of coffins and caskets for sale from Titan’s online collection, as well as a look at a variety of popular materials available (metal caskets, wooden caskets, and particle board caskets). [learn more]

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          7. Casket Prices

          Affordable Casket Options

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          Casket Prices: What is the Cost of a Casket or Coffin?

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